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A well maintained garage door will last years. Sooner or later time will take its toll and a new garage door is the next step. Here at

Over time there can be many issues with your garage door springs. Springs take the brunt of the work load when lifting your garage door.

Pulleys regulate the movement of your garage door.  Replacing your pulleys will correct any imbalance that can lead to problems with your garage door

Rollers are the backbone of your garage door. Any imperfection with your rollers can lead to a multitude of issues within your garage door system.

One of the most common issues with garage doors is a faulty opener. Openers use the garage door system as a whole in order to raise and lower your door.

Peace of mind in this day and age is priceless. Door Tech Garage Door Services offers the opportunity to enhance your home security with a


   Door Tech Garage Door Services is an ambitious leader in the service industry providing the highest quality service for all your garage door installation and repair needs. Door Tech Garage Door Services offers top quality parts with top quality customer care. 

Door Tech  Garage Door Services is made up of highly trained technicians with the skills required to diagnose and fix any garage door problem. Proper installation and repair of garage doors is essential to the safety of your property, whether it be your home or your business. Door Tech Garage Door Services offers efficient and professional garage door service


Door Tech Garage Door Services specializes in new door installations, operational repairs and installation of sophisticated garage security systems.  


Door Tech Garage Door Services understands that each and every garage door is subject to its own distinct problems. Whether your problem lies with rollers, springs, openers, pulleys, cables, panels or hinges, or weather striping or molding issues, Door Tech Garage Door Service will be with you every step of the way.  Since every problem is unique, Door Tech Garage Door Services treats every customer as an individual.  This sets Door Tech Garage Door apart from the rest, as we strive for perfection in all facets of the service industry.


supports a green initiative; Door Tech Garage Door Services properly recycles all waste materials including rollers, springs, openers, pulleys, cables, panels and hinges.Door Tech Garage Door Services


​Our expert Emergency Maintenance team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems promptly and competently!


“He was very thorough in explaining what happened and what needed to be done, as well as what I should consider for the future.” -David

" Arrived at the time he said, fixed my garage door fast and cheap" -Leon

happy customers

“Very nice and efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks for all your help.” -Samantha

"“Good guy who didn't push unwanted products / services." -Danny

​Call us now at 1-866-311-1826 ​for an estimate!

Located in Midwood, Brooklyn, New York